Current Sports Affairs for SBI Bank Clerk Exam

1. 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup winner-
Answer: Germany. defeating Argentina.

2. 2018 FIFA Football World cup will be held in-
Answer: Russia.

3. 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup Golden ball winner-
Answer: Lionel Messi.

4. 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup Golden boot winner-
Answer: James RODRIGUEZ

5. 2014 FIFA World Cup Fair play goes to- 
Answer: Colombia.

6. 2014 Wimbledon Tennis Men's Singles winner-

Indian History Questions and Answers 1

1. The second capital of Kanishka was-
Answer: Mathura.

2. Who is the founder of "Sikh Khalsa"?
Answer: Guru Gobind Singh.

3. The first sermon of Buddha is called-
Answer: Dhammachakkapabattanasutta.

4. At the time of Quit India movement who was the Viceroy of India?

Gk Questions on Indian History for West Bengal SSC Food 2014 Exam

1. Megasthenes was the ambassador of
A) Alexander.
B) Selucas.
C) Darius
D) Cyrus.

2. Who was the Mughal King after Alamgir II?
A) Babar.
B) Akbar II
C) Md. Shah.
D) Shah Jahan III.

3. The first modern Indian was-
A) Michael Madhusudan Dutta.

Mock test questions of West bengal SSC SI Food exam 2014: Indian Politics

All questions are based on Political Science and Indian Constitution:

1. The first general election on the basis of universal adult suffrage was held in-
a) 1947
b) 1950
c) 1952
d) 1956

2. The abolition of untouchability in the Indian constitution comes under-
a) the right to equality.
b) the right against exploitation
c) cultural and educational rights.
d) right to freedom.

3. The Constitution of India is framed by the-
a) British Parliament.

Genral Knowledge questions of SBI clerk 19 & 20 July, 2014

FIBA is related with which sport ?
Answer: Basketball

Recently in which state in India Solar thermal power plant is installed?
Answer: Rajasthan

Which issued RuPay Card?
Answer: NPCI

Full form of ECB-

Wimbledon Tennis championship is related to which sports?
Answer: Lawn Tennis.

What is the currency of Afghanistan?
Answer: Afghan Afghani

Which south east organisation has 10 members?
Answer: ASEA

Army Flag Day is observed on-
Answer:7th December

Who is the current water resource minister of India?
Answer: Uma Bharti

Physics - Physical Science Questions and Answers

1. Which instrument is used to measure electric current?
Answer: Galvanometer.

2. Farad is the unit of-
Answer: Capacitance.

3. Which element is used to reduce the glare in sunglass?
Answer: Polaroids.

4. Food is prepared in pressure cooker more quickly than normal pan because-
Answer: The boiling point of water raised in pressure cooker.

5. In an electric bulb the filament is made by-
Answer: Tungsten.

6. In batter what type of conversion of energy happed?

Indian History Questions and Answers

1. Which foreign visitor visited Nalanda University during the reign of King Harsha? 
Answer: Hieun Tsang.

2. The title "Mahamana" is given to Madan Mohan Malaviya by-
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi.

3. Who introduced "Ryotwari" settlement in Madras?
Answer: Thomas Munro.

4. Who is the strongest among all the Maratha kings?
Answer: Chhatrapati Shivaji.

5. Char Minar is build by-
Answer: Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.

6. Who is the fourth Sikh Guru?