Some General Knowledge About Computer

1. Who is called the "Father of modern computer"?
A. Charles Babbage.
B. Dennis Ritchie.
C. Howard Ekin
D. None of these.

2. What is the name of the First Mechanical computer?
B. Simon
C. Pascalene.

3. What is the name of the First electronic computer?

Quizzes on World Summits, Year, Places

1. B-20 Summits are summits of -
A. Civil Society members from G20 countries.
B. think tanks from G20 countries.
C. Business leaders from G20 countries.
D. None of these.

2. New Development Bank is a recently build bank by-
A. G20 Countries.
B. BRICS Countries.
C. B-20 Countries
D. SAARC Members.

3. Where is the headquarter of ASEAN?

Quizzes on Mars Orbiter Mission

1. How much payload consist in the mars orbiter mission?
A. 10 kg.
B. 15 kg.
C. 55 kg.
D. 100 kg.

2. ISRO is an organisation involved in Mars Orbiter Mission. What is the full form of ISRO?
A. Indian Space Research Organization.
B. Indian Satellite Research Organisation.
C. International Space Research Organisation.
D. International Satellite Research Organisation.

3. What is the full form of PSLV?

General Awareness Questions for IBPS PO

1. The book "The lives of Others" is written by-
A. K Giriprakash
B. Amish Tripathi
C. Neel Mukherjee
D. Dev Anand

2. Which state of India will going to host host the Global Agro meet related to agriculture and food processing?
A. West Bengal
B. Kerala
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Maharashtra

3. Who is the chair of an expert panel for Indian PMs, Narendra Modi's national sanitation campaign named as "Swachh Bharat"?

Current Affairs for IBPS PO 2014 Exam

1. Recently a Civil Nuclear Deal on Uranium happened between India and-
A. China.
B. Bhutan.
C. Nepal.
D. Australia.

2. Who won the men's single title in US Open 2014?
A. Marin Cilic.
B. Kei Nishikori.
C. Rodger Federar.
D. Sam Querrey.

3. RBI give notice that that any individual loan guarantors can be also declared as Wilful Defaulters. A Wilful Defaulters means-

General Awareness for IBPS RRB 2014 Exam

1. Which of the following countries produce the largest wind power all over the world?
A. India.
B. China.
C. United States.
D. Japan.

2. The character Dracula was created by-
A. Steven Philip.
B. Irish Joe.
C. Bram Stoker.
D. None of these.

3. What is the name of the first smartphone build in 1994 by IBM?

Computer Knowledge Questions for IBPS RRB Exam 2014

1. We can get the output from
A. Monitor.
B. Keyboard.
C. Mouse.
D. Scanner.

2. Main advantage of using Local Area Network(LAN) is-
A. Sharing peripherals between computers.
B. Saving all data.
C. Quick backup of data.
D. Quick access to the internet.

3. Computer printer is a-

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